About us

Dominic Cassidy is the Founder and Director of Bricolage Research and Analysis Ltd (Bricolage). He is a data scientist who studied Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University and holds a postgraduate certificate in Social Research Methods from Birbeck, University of London.

Prior to establishing Bricolage in 2015, Dominic worked as a researcher in the charitable / non-profit sector where he designed and carried out primary research on homelessness, rough sleeping and welfare claimants.

It was during his research on outcomes for homeless young people that he developed a professional interest in software that allowed analysis of unstructured text data. And his experience with databases gave him an appreciation of the importance of accurate data … extraction, taxonomies and ontologies …

He founded Bricolage Research and Analysis Ltd  as an analysis, research and development consultancy to offer bespoke services in the area of Text Analytics (TA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and related software design and testing.

Bricolage has worked extensively in the defence and charitable sectors. See our Case studies section for further information.

Our work in researching and analysing and data extraction has helped clients make full use of the data that lies hidden in records of a variety of unstructured day-to-day interactions. The end results are  more streamlined and cost-effective processes and improved outcomes for an organisation’s  future activity based on lessons learned from extracted historic data.

As well as carrying out data extraction himself, Dominic is also an experienced in offering advice and tailored assessments of the suitability of other data analysis systems on the market matched to the individual needs of the client.

Bricolage can provide a bespoke service as a sole contractor but also has forged relationships with a range of other organisations with whom we can partner to meet your needs.

In addition we are also always happy to hear from other companies who are interested in partnering with Bricolage Research and Analysis to deliver a service.

Whether you are looking for assistance with data extraction or looking for a partner for a contract use our Contact Us page to send a message about your proposal and how we can help.